When it comes to designing an application, the software development industry has established standards as to best practices. These include:

  • Use JSON
  • Use Nouns Instead of Verbs
  • Versioning


Java Script Object Notation, also known lovingly as JSON, is a text format that can easily be interpreted by humans and machines alike. It can create operations in any language, as it is language independent. The coding language has its roots in the December 1999 edition of JavaScript Programming Language. There are two structures that make up the JSON language – a collection of name and value pairs, as well as an ordered list of values. The language of JSON is in fact completely universal. This is by far the best coding language to use in Application Programming Interface (API) development because it is universal nature.

Use Nouns Instead of Verbs

In coding for Application Programming Interface, it is not necessary to add verbs after HTTP methods. Let us take the HTTP method GET as an example. The proper way to code this HTTP method for books is GET/ books/123. It is not by any means necessary to add a verb in order to specify the action of the GET HTTP method. An example of this erroneous method would be GET/ addBook123. In API development, simplicity is very valuable in keeping the universal language accessible and effective.


There are two major ways to implement versioning for your API. You can implement the version in the request header or you can implement the version in the endpoint URI. Implementing the version in the endpoint URI is generally more well liked as a best practice. Using this approach to version also is said to help increase the of chances of consumers discovering your application. Placing the version in the endpoint of the URI makes the version number more readable for the average consumer who may not be well versed in html to the extent of seeking identifiers in the beginning of an html sentence so to speak. An example of versioning with an endpoint URI is https://api.swiggel.com/v6. This would be the versioning html for the 6th Version of an Application Programming Interface called Swiggel.

All in all the practice of API development comes with its own industry standards and niceties. These best practices stand the test of time in helping to aid the developer in conjuring up the most user friendly and reliable applications. Industry practices are not policies, but it is recommended that they be followed as they are time tested solutions offered by peers who seek to contribute helpful advice. There have been many individuals who have developed APIs over the years and they communicate best practices for the benefit of the developer and the consumer alike. Making sure you follow best practices in API development helps those consumers out there just waiting to discover your app have an easier time in doing so.